How to Buy Roblox Shares in Australia

Buy Roblox Shares in Australia

Roblox is going public and you'll be able to own shares of this exciting gaming company. And the good news is there are a number of platforms in Australia that let you buy US shares.

Roblox will IPO on March 10th (U.S time). These platforms might not list Roblox stock right away. However I anticipate it will get listed fairly quickly.

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How to buy GameStop (GME) Shares in Australia

How to buy Gamestop shares

Gamestop shares are currently pumping. The pump has primarily been driven by retail investors. However prominent investors and entrepreneurs have also taken positions. It was also revealed that uber successful fund Blackrock owns around 13% of the company.

If you're looking to buy Gamestop shares in Australia than luckily we have a couple of great options:

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