Here’s an FTX Referral Code

FTX is a popular crypto exchange and crypto futures trading platform. But did you now you can save 5% on trading fees if you use a referral code? So before signing up, make sure you take advantage of this FTX referral code:

FTX Referral Code – Save 5% on Trading Fees

While 5% doesn't sound like much, if you do a lot of trading, then the fees really start to add up. Saving 5% could make a huge difference in the long run. Here's how to save 5% on FTX:

  1. Register for FTX using this link
  2. The referral code will automatically be added to your account
  3. You'll now save 5% on trading fees.

Why I like FTX

FTX offers a unique range of trading products. They offer all the expected markets like Bitcoin spot and future markets but they also offer markets for more exotic items. For example during the U.S election you could trade on the outcome of who won.

FTX has also just recently added stock trading. You can now trade a selection of stocks including Tesla, Amazon and Apple. This means you can trade these stocks by depositing crypto such as Bitcoin! So if you've ever wanted to trade stocks using Bitcoin you now can.

I've found FTX to be one of the most reliable crypto trading platforms and exchanges. Even during periods of extreme market volatility FTX has been reliable and my trades have always executed.

You can find out more about FTX here

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