How to Buy Apple Shares in Australia

Just a few years ago, investing in U.S shares like Apple would have been hugely expensive. But thankfully you can now buy Apple shares in Australia and avoid paying any commissions.

Here are the best ways to buy Apple shares in Australia:

Buying Apple Shares on eToro

On eToro you can invest in real shares with just $50. eToro supports fractional share investing. This means you can buy a fraction of a share. This is great for shares like Apple which is currently priced over $100. You can buy just a fraction of a share and invest small amounts at regular intervals.

eToro doesn't charge any commissions when you buy or sell real shares through their platform. Compared to platforms like Commsec, you'll save a fortune in fees. This makes it more worthwhile if you are looking to invest with a smaller amount of money.

Investing in Apple shares on eToro

Your can find out more about eToro here

Advantages of Using eToro to buy Apple Shares:

  • Fractional Shares – Invest in a fraction of a share.
  • No Commissions – You won't be charged any commissions or brokerage fees when you buy or sell shares. Great for dollar cost averaging.
  • Deposit using PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card – One of the few places where you can buy real shares using PayPal.
  • Trade other Assets – you can trade other assets on the same platform (such as cryptocurrency).

Buying Apple Shares on Stake

Stake is very similar to eToro. You can invest in US shares without any commissions. Stake also supports fractional investing. And you can invest in shares with just $10 at a time. If you're looking to dollar cost average, then stake is a great platform for doing this.

Some features on Stake (such as limit orders) require a paid subscription. Most investors will not require these features.

You can get a free stock on Stake when you use this referral code.

Advantages of Using Stake to invest in Apple

  • Fractional Investing – Buy just $10 worth of shares at a time.
  • Multiple deposit options – Deposit using a bank transfer or credit card. You can even avoid FX conversion fees by depositing USD which might suit some investors.
  • No commissions – no commissions on buy or sells.

Buying Apple Shares through Selfwealth

Selfwealth recently added trading for US shares. The only downside is the price. On Selfwealth, you're charged a flat fee of $9.50 when you buy or sell US shares. If you're looking to invest smaller amounts of money, this makes it much more expensive than investing through eToro or Stake. The upside is you can invest in US shares alongside ASX listed shares.

Investing in Apple through Spaceship

Spaceship is a micro-investing app that I use to invest in a portfolio of future looking companies including Apple. Investing in just one company can be risky. So investing through Spaceship will help reduce some of that risk by spreading your investment across dozens of companies.

Investing through Spaceship is free for balances under $5k and above that you pay a low % fee. It's one of the cheapest ways to invest in shares.

P.S – get $5 free when you join Spaceship and make your first investment of just $5.

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