How to buy Coinbase Shares in Australia

Coinbase recently listed as a publicly traded company. This means you can now buy and invest in Coinbase shares. Here are the best ways to buy Coinbase ($COIN) shares in Australia without paying huge fees.

Buying Coinbase Shares on eToro

eToro has officially listed Coinbase on their platform. Through eToro you can buy and sell U.S listed shares (like Coinbase) without paying any brokerage commissions. On eToro you can buy real shares where you own the underlying asset.

Shares on eToro

eToro also supports fractional investing. As of writing, Coinbase shares were worth hundreds of dollars. On eToro you can own just a fraction of a share and invest with as little as $50 at a time.

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Buy Coinbase Shares on Stake

Stake has a very similar offering to eToro. You can invest in US shares without paying any commissions. You can also buy fractional shares on Stake. The minimum deposit amount is $50 and you can invest in any share or ETF with just $10.

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Why Invest through eToro or Stake?

While you can buy US shares through platforms like Commsec, I believe that both eToro and Stake offer a more modern and compelling product. Here's why I choose to use both of these platforms:

  • No Commissions – Save a fortune on fees. You won't pay any fees to buy or sell shares. This means you can buy and sell as much as you want without fees tanking your profits.
  • Fractional Investing – Invest in a fraction of a share with low minimums. You don't need to be rich to start investing!
  • Good Apps – Both the Stake and eToro apps are really easy to use. You don't need to be finance expert to get started.

Should you invest in Coinbase Shares?

I can't give you investment advice. But I'll share why I've chosen to invest in Coinbase (I currently hold a small position on eToro). While I use Coinspot to buy and sell crypto in Australia, I do believe that Coinbase has a really good product for U.S users. They have managed to simplify crypto and make it accessible to anyone. If you compare Coinbase to Binance (one of their largest competitors), Coinbase's product design and execution is leagues ahead. A company like Binance would also struggle to IPO due to it's opaque ownership structure.

Coinbase is a profitable company. Tech startups are rarely profitable when they IPO. Coinbase doesn't need to suddenly reinvent themselves to make a profit. They are already doing that. Although Coinbase is available in Australia, it's product is limited. They could easily expand into markets like Australia to increase growth.

So that's why I'm invested in Coinbase. Let me know in the comments if you're planning to invest in Coinbase.

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