How to buy GameStop (GME) Shares in Australia

Gamestop shares are currently pumping. The pump has primarily been driven by retail investors. However prominent investors and entrepreneurs have also taken positions. It was also revealed that uber successful fund Blackrock owns around 13% of the company.

If you're looking to buy Gamestop shares in Australia than luckily we have a couple of great options:

Buying Gamestop on eToro

I use eToro to invest in US shares without any commissions. eToro lets you buy real shares (not CFDs) and they charge no commissions on US shares. eToro lists a huge range of stocks from around the world including Gamestop shares.

Here is why I like buying shares through eToro:

  • Fractional Investing – Trade with as little as $50. You can buy a fraction of a share.
  • No commissions – There are no commissions on US shares. You can buy and sell without paying any brokerage fees.
  • Short positions – eToro also gives you the option to open more complex trades like short positions.
  • Instant Funding – Take advantage of market moves. You can deposit instantly on eToro.

You can find out more about eToro here

Buying Gamestop on Stake

Stake is another trading platform I use for buying US shares. Their product is very similar to eToro's. You can buy and sell shares with no commissions:

  • Fractional Investing – Trade with as little as $10. Buy a fraction of a share.
  • Huge range of stocks – as well as being able to trade Gamestop, you can also invest in over 2000 stocks and ETFs that are listed on US exchanges.

P.S – you can get a free stock on Stake when you sign up and make a deposit. Just enter the promo code: anthonyf346 when you join.

Should you buy Gamestop Shares?

If you are thinking about buying Gamestop shares, remember the market is currently very volatile. I would consider it to be a risky investment. So don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Don't be a fool like the hedge funds who are currently suffering from trying to short with more then they could afford to lose!

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