The best Coinbase alternatives in Australia

While Coinbase is available in Australia, it isn't the best place to buy crypto. You can't sell crypto on Coinbase and they only accept credit cards. This means you'll pay a lot in fees.

Here are my top Coinbase alternatives for Australians:

CoinSpot – The Best Coinbase Alternative

CoinSpot is my goto alternative to Coinbase. Coinbase's biggest draw is how they've simplified crypto so that anyone can invest. Coinspot is the closest thing to Coinbase in Australia. They too have made crypto investing simple and easy. You don't need any technical or trading skills to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos on CoinSpot.

Here is why I like CoinSpot:

  • Deposit using PayID (osko), Bpay or POLi – This means you can deposit funds instantly using your bank account. No need to wait days for your funds to become available.
  • Trade a huge range of cryptos – On CoinSpot you can buy and sell dozens of different cryptos. You can invest in the major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as countless alt-coins.
  • Automatic Investing – If you want to Dollar Cost Average into crypto, you can setup regular purchases such as once a week.
  • Withdraw to your Bank Account – If you want to sell your crypto you can do so on CoinSpot and withdraw right back to your Australian bank account.

You can find out more about CoinSpot here

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BTCMarkets is an Australian based crypto exchange. For people new to to trading or exchanges, the interface might be a bit overwhelming. So I usually recommend BTCMarkets to people who are more experienced in finance.

Find out more about BTCMarkets here


Binance is an international crypto exchange (and probably the most popular in the world after Coinbase). They do offer support for buying Bitcoin and other cryptos using AUD. You can deposit using PayID/Bank Transfer and they offer fairly competitive rates. The only downside is that once you've bought crypto on Binance you won't be able to sell it back to AUD. You'll need to transfer it to an Australian exchange like CoinSpot

Find out more about Binance here

Other Australian Exchanges

There are a number of other crypto exchanges in Australia, but I would be hesitant to use them. The exchanges I've listed have good reputations and security. Some of the other Australian exchanges have had issues with hacking, have anonymous teams behind them and have supported scam projects like BSV.

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  1. Always interesting to learn about crypto platforms in other countries. While Coinbase is one of the more popular platforms in the U.S. I think the future will be decentralized and platforms like bisq and the like will get more popular as it simply connects buyers and sellers w/o all the KYC criteria. Thanks for sharing.


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